Here are the answers to many of the regular queries clients have.

Why is Pilates such a great exercise?

Regular Pilates has demonstrable and meaningful benefits for people of all ages, gender and levels of fitness.  The huge benefits of regular Pilates exercise include:

Increased muscular endurance

Muscles exert force to overcome resistance. Pilates training results will include increased muscular fibre endurance, size and strength along with increased connective tissue strength. with increased muscular endurance your muscles are able to exert force for extended periods. Increased endurance enables you to perform everyday tasks without fatigue. Additional benefits include improved muscle tone as muscles are lengthened and strengthened without appearing bulky.

Increased core strength

Pilates exercising requires proper form and technique. The focus of proper positioning is within the core, your abdomen and lower back muscles. By conditioning the core muscles, they will contract with all movements to stabilise and align your spine. A strong core will increase the effectiveness of all exercises due to your ability to maintain proper alignment. Core strength increases your ability to generate power to your muscles and decreases the risk of injury.

Improved posture

Pilates workouts will improve your spinal alignment. With improved alignment, your muscles will strengthen to improve spinal support and stability. Improved posture will lengthen your joints giving you a taller appearance. Muscular imbalances will be corrected decreasing the risk of injury, especially to the lower back. Awareness of proper posture during exercise will carry over to awareness of proper posture when performing everyday movements.

Increased flexibility

Flexibility is the range of motion of your muscles and connective tissue.  Pilates workouts require your muscle groups to move through a full range of motion. Improved flexibility decreases strain and stress on your joints and muscles. Muscles will contract with increased efficiency and your workouts become more effective. Improved flexibility reduces stiffness, soreness and the chance of injury. You will be able to perform everyday tasks with less strain and fatigue.

Improved breathing

Real Pilates emphasises proper breathing. Your breathing will become deeper and less frequent resulting in improved relaxation. Benefits will include increased lung capacity and breathing efficiency during workouts and at rest. Your lungs will become better equipped to supply your body with increased oxygen during exercise. Your energy levels will increase during exercise and at rest.

Mind and Body

Pilates is a mind body exercise that requires mental focus and emphasis on the quality of the movement.  It will not just energise your body but also calm your mind.

Reduced body fat

Pilates exercise increases your metabolism, your body's ability to burn calories. Increased muscle mass increases the number of calories burned. When the amount of calories burned is more than the amount of calories eaten, excess body fat is burned and used for energy to meet the increased demand.


Pilates focuses on your small muscles and on the technique of the exercise for maximum benefits.  The exercises, especially with Reformer Pilates, are often slow and measured - there are no prizes for "more weight"!  At Pilates360 our highly trained teachers and small classes also ensure you get personal attention, especially if you have an injury concern.


Well as much fun as exercise can be! All our classes are done to music and there's often plenty of banter and laughter before, after and even sometimes during classes.  There's no grunting and not much sweating - we always say "if you can't speak, you're not doing it right!".  And we have plenty of friends and colleagues who love to come to our classes together.

What's special about Reformer Pilates?

Regular Pilates on a Pilates Reformer will make a dramatic difference to your body, to how you look and feel. It will improve your strength, flexibility, coordination and balance which will lead to improved posture, more efficient movement and, in many cases, relief from pain.

In particular it will improve your core strength resulting in flatter abs, stronger back and a toned body.   All Pilates delivers these benefits but the reformer creates a unique and varied exercise environment. Exercise with the Reformer is possible for anyone, all levels of fitness and age as well as people with injuries.

The reformer is large enough to accommodate a full range of motion, which is wonderful for increasing flexibility while building strength. It seems to invite the length we want to create in the body and it trains the body to sustain that length. Pushing and pulling with legs or arms against the resistance of the springs, carriage and body weight is generally strength building.

The exercises provide enough resistance variety to help build strong bones. The reformer is also ideal for eccentric muscle contractions which occur when a muscle lengthens as it resists a force - this is one of the keys to achieving the long, strong muscles without bulk that Pilates is known for.

The instability of a rolling carriage with the springs set at different levels of resistance provides all kinds of stability challenges that develop core strength and promote better balance.

For example having less of the body on the carriage is one of the ways Reformer Pilates exercises get harder. It means more body weight has to be supported by the practitioner and the body and machine have to be controlled even more from the core.

Paradoxically when the springs are on a lighter setting many exercises are more challenging for the core because it has to work harder to control and stabilise the movement. The stronger the core, the better the balance, posture and overall well-being.

What is Real Pilates?

Pilates is a method that was originally developed by Joseph Pilates. While Pilates has evolved over the years, it's always stayed true to Joe's original method and principles. That's the Pilates we love and the Pilates we teach - we call it real Pilates.

In teaching real Pilates we follow the principles Joe created; alignment, breath, concentration, co-ordination, pelvic, ribcage & head placement. These principles allow us to teach real Pilates to people of all levels, ages and conditions.

Pilates is now hugely popular but some providers largely ignore the principles and the method. There are many styles of "pilates" being offered today but it's not real Pilates just because it's on a reformer!!

Real Pilates is not about promising you a hotter body or working you so hard that you can't walk the next day. It's not about only strengthening certain areas of the body such as abs, butts & thighs. It's about feeling fantastic in your body, moving with freedom, not beating yourself up.

We believe real Pilates can only be taught individually or in small groups - where the teacher can offer individual attention, progressions and regressions for different abilities. Where the teacher knows about everyone in the class and their experience and level of confidence. That's why we keep our classes small!


What are the origins of Pilates?

Pilates is a corrective exercise that was originally developed by Joseph Pilates for bed-ridden, injured people (hence the origins of the Reformer).  

The Pilates method then became popular with dancers to move more freely and with physios for preventative and corrective exercise.  

At Pilates360 we have taken the original principles of Joseph Pilates and created classes that will suit every body.  

Pilates is a mind-body practice that requires mental focus on the exercise and emphasis on the quality of the movement.  

Our teachers are highly trained to give you a great class whether you are new or a seasoned practitioner.

Do I need a referral or clearance from a health professional?

You do not need a referral and we do not require clients to undertake a private class before joining the group classes.

However a private class is something we strongly recommend for many new clients - for example if you're a beginner, recovering from injury, pregnant or a little older.

Before your first class you will be required to complete our Pre-Exercise Questionnaire.

How do I book a class?

This is easily done through the website under the Timetable section or through the Pilates360 app. You will first need to have created a profile and bought a pack or membership.

Are your classes safe for me?


All our teachers are highly qualified and experienced in Pilates teaching - they have completed many hours of training and teaching to become expert teachers.

As a specialist Pilates studio, the quality of our teachers and the care of our clients is paramount.

Our classes are small enough for the teachers to be able to watch clients individually during the class.

You should advise your teacher before the class about any injuries or other issues you may have, including anything since your previous class - these will be updated regularly in your profile.

Always let your teacher know immediately if you are feeling any discomfort during the class.

Please do ensure you book into a class that is suitable for your level.

Which of your classes is suitable for me?

Check out our Class Descriptions in the Classes section of the website or click on the class in the Timetable. If you're a beginner, recovering from an injury, pregnant or a mature adult, you should start with one of our Basics classes. We also offer private classes if you'd prefer to start with a one 0n one session.

Pilates is a practice and your confidence and expertise will develop over time. We strongly suggest you talk with us if you're unclear about any of the class descriptions and/or how you should best get started.

Our teachers are all highly trained and experienced. While each class should be broadly in line with the Class Description, the teachers have their own styles and they will also choreograph each class so as to provide variety and challenge.

Will your classes challenge me?

We have a range of different class types under Class Descriptions which are designed to suit various levels of Pilates experience and fitness levels.u00a0 Our experienced teachers will also provide variety with their teaching styles.

Have a look at the Classes section of the website or click on the individual classes in the Timetable to learn more - if in doubt please call or email us for a chat.

It may be detrimental to your Pilates experience if your early classes are too advanced or challenging for you. Pilates is a practice and you will develop your confidence and competence over time.

Our instructors are all highly trained and experienced. While each class should be broadly in line with the Class Description, the instructors have their own styles and they will also choreograph each class so as to provide variety and challenge.

How long are your classes?

Our classes normally run for 50 minutes (though our lunchtime classes are generally for 45 minutes). See our Timetable for more details.

How does your pricing work after I've done the Intro?

We offer a range of membership options for you to come regularly to classes, you can see them on the Membership section of our website. 

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! The Pilates360 app is available free in itunes or the Play Store. This is how many of our regular members book their classes and manage their class schedules.

When should I arrive for my class?

Try to arrive at least 5 minutes before, especially if it's your first class. We personally chat with new starters to ensure we understand how your body is feeling and any past injuries. The class will always start on time and you'll get the best experience if you give yourself a few minutes beforehand to stretch and prepare.

How long before the class begins will the studio be open?

The studio is sometimes but not always open outside class times. If not, the instructor will usually arrive 5 to10 minutes before the first class starts but please be patient if he/she is caught in traffic.

What happens if I arrive late for my class?

If you arrive significantly late you may not be allowed to join the class. This is at the teacher's sole discretion but usually 5 minutes will be considered too late. The classes are all programmed so late arrivals can be very disruptive to both other clients and the instructor. Also there are safety issues we have to take into account.

Can I just turn up for a class without pre-booking?

No. Class numbers are limited and spots must be pre-booked. However, you can book online right up to the start of the class and you can see online how many are already booked in.

What is your cancellation policy for booked classes

We have a 12 hour cancellation policy for booked group classes and 24 hours for private classes.

If you cancel a booked class inside the cancellation window (including a class where you were on the waitlist and have been moved into the class) you will forfeit the class.

If you fail to attend a booked group class you may also be charged a No-show fee - all you need to do to avoid this fee is to late cancel once you know you will be unable to attend.

We have these policies because our classes are small and your booking is often preventing someone else from having access to the class. Late cancellation (as opposed to no shows) may allow time for another client to book in or be moved from the waitlist.

Private classes cannot be re-scheduled less than 24 hours beforehand.

How does the waitlist work

Where a class is fully booked, there are 5 waitlist spots available.
If a spot becomes available and you are moved into the class, you will be notified by email and app push (provided you have these settings activated in your online account).
If you are on the waitlist but not moved into the class, you will not be charged.

If you can't attend the class, please do cancel your booking - someone else who can attend may be behind you on the waitlist.  Waitlist bookings are treated the same as booked classes (particularly in respect of our cancellation policy) and should be managed by you in the same way.

Where you are moved from the waitlist into the class, our 12 hour cancellation policy will apply (i.e. if you are moved into the class less than 12 hours before the start and you cancel or fail to attend, you will forfeit the class)

If you are on the waitlist and see that a spot has become available but you haven't been moved into the class, please call or email us and we will do it for you.

Can I leave the class early?

Yes. But please leave quietly and without disturbing the other clients and the instructor.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable active wear (men generally prefer to wear longer shorts).

We require that socks are worn in the studio - this helps to keep the studio and the equipment clean and hygienic for everyone.

Most client prefer to wear pilates grip socks, which you can buy in the studio

What should I bring?

Nothing but feel free to bring a towel and water bottle. There is filtered water available in the studios.

Can I change in the studio?

Yes, we have a change area for your use. We also have a space to store your possessions (though as you may expect we will not be held responsible for personal belongings). If you need to change, make sure you allow time to get ready before the class begins.

Do you have showers?

Unfortunately no. Pilates is not an exercise in which most people get overly sweaty.

What about my mobile

Mobiles must be on silent during the class and stored in the lockers away from you. Also please don't answer calls, texts or emails during the class. It is very distracting to other clients if you are looking at your phone, plus you won't get the most from your class.

Do you have a Refer a Friend program?

Yes! If you have an active membership and you refer a friend who buys any one of our packs (including our intro pack) or memberships , just get them to email us to confirm your introduction and you'll get a free class or $25 credit in your account.

If you have any other questions, you can chat with your teacher

before and after class or email