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*Booking window 14 days
* If "BOOK" button is not visible, class (including the waitlist) is full.


*Booking window 14 days
* If "BOOK" button is not visible, class (including the waitlist) is full.



Welcome to Pilates360 on Sydney’s Lower North Shore. At our beautiful & clean studios in Neutral Bay and St Leonards we offer small group Pilates classes – Reformer, Barre, Mat, as well as BOXILATES and YIN Stretch.

Our classes are suitable for everyone - whether you're fit and healthy, managing an injury or pregnant/post-natal - and looking for a workout that is holistic, full body, low impact and safe.

Our Pilates is real Pilates, we teach a contemporary version of the method developed by Joseph Pilates.  Our teachers are highly trained, expert and experienced, while our small group classes (max 10) allow us to give you individual attention in the classes.

Over time we will get to know you, which allows us to help you achieve your fitness and exercise goals.  We take our Pilates seriously for your success, but we do bring a sense of humour and we're always open for a chat and a laugh.

We want you to love being a part of our Pilates360 community.

We offer fun and challenging classes with different levels and styles. We have over 70 classes each week, 7 days, to choose from.

Our Pilates is guaranteed to make you feel taller, stronger and more confident. Regular pilates at our studios will give you a stronger core, less pain, better sports performance, improved body awareness, better flexibility and improved posture.


We offer personalised, small group (max 10) and private Pilates classes - Reformer, Barre, and Mat, as well as BOXILATES and YIN Stretch. Choose from over 70 group classes a week, open 7 days. We have different levels and types of classes to provide variety and to suit your condition. Our 2 beautiful and clean studios are located in Sydney’s Lower North Shore, St Leonards and Neutral Bay. Your small group classes at Pilates360 will be safe and challenging.


Small Group Classes

We keep our classes capped at 10 people. Allowing for the ideal balance between creating a challenging environment and tailoring for individual needs.

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A challenge for everyone

There are classes for all levels. We will help you choose the right class to ensure you’re challenged, while staying safe.


Experienced instructors

Each class is lead by a highly qualified instructor. Our instructors are trained to give you injury guidance, support and a wealth of knowledge.


I had never even considered pilates before I took advantage of the trial pack and now I love it. The Pilates360 staff are all knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They manage to structure classes so that everyone from beginner to expert has a great workout


Just back from another fabulous class at Pilates360. The wonderful staff make this place really special.


Pilates360 has something for everyone.  The teachers inspire confidence and have diverse styles so each brings something different to their classes.  The reformer classes vary from beginner classes to more athletic workouts, and teachers tailor workouts to levels of experience and individual needs (including a chronic knee problem in my case).  And with the barre and stretch classes, the studio provides an effective all-round workout.  Importantly, all the classes are engaging and enjoyable; an hour goes by very quickly.  And all of this takes place in a warm and welcoming environment.  Everyone can benefit from Pilates, and Pilates360 is the ideal place for it.


I am enjoying my Pilates so much and have noticed a significant difference already in reduced aches and pains, flexibility and building strength. The teachers are so wonderful and helpful and I have also never been to a studio so clean!! I am so happy to have joined Pilates360!! You have such a fab team!! Thank you!


I began my trial at Pilates360 with the honest intention of just doing a few classes and nothing more. That was a month ago - Pilates360 is absolutely addictive. Sharon, Cindy, Phoebe - all the staff have been absolutely magnificent. I always feel so fresh and awake after a class and whilst there are plenty of times I've struggled (those damn circuit classes) I keep coming back for more. I am the perfect example of someone who will find every excuse in the book to not go to the gym or workout - until now. Pilates360 is a fabulous alternative for someone who wants to be pushed, find muscles they never knew existed, sit up straight at work and feel just that bit more energy in life.



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