The Pilates method was originally created by Joseph Pilates.  Joe believed his method of movement would “develop the body uniformly, correct posture, restore vitality, invigorate the mind and elevate the spirit”.

Of course, since Joe’s time the Pilates method has evolved as more has been learned about anatomy and bio-mechanics.  At Pilates360 we teach a contemporary version of the method developed by Joe, but always staying true to the original Pilates principles

Pilates practice involves working smart and efficient, not pushing yourself to the brink, it’s all about precision in how the exercises are executed.  That’s why we say it is such a wonderful connection of mind and body.  Pilates has concentration, focus and breathe at the heart of its principles.

Our lives today are more sedentary than ever before, often sitting for long periods and generally moving less.  This can manifest into a body that is weak, stiff, prone to pain and injury and feeling older when you don’t need to.

Pilates360 is a small, owner-operated business and we live and breathe every day with some key principles that we believe are crucial to giving you a great experience and outcome.

Teaching Excellence

As Pilates specialists, we only hire teachers who are passionate, highly trained and experienced.  They have trained with the world-leading Pilates schools and continually take workshops and new courses to further develop their knowledge and ability.

We have teachers of all ages and from all walks of life and they are caring, supportive and genuine. We are a harmonious team with shared values, we meet and chat regularly to develop our own practice and refine our teaching styles.

Caring and Supportive

At Pilates360, we strongly believe Pilates should be for everyone, regardless of age, gender or condition.  Our classes are suitable for everyone - whether you're fit and healthy, managing an injury or pregnant/post-natal.

We are all about helping you to feel youthful and strong, flexible and ready for whatever life throws at you.    We get to know our regular members, your goals and any issues you may have.  better outcome.   We keep our classes small so we can give you personal attention.

We love our relationships with you and helping you to build the body you’ve always wanted.   Whether it’s in the studio before or after class or over the phone, we’re always delighted to chat with you.

We sweat the small stuff so you can relax and know you are in good hands.

Variety and Choice

We don’t believe in “one size fits all” for our classes. We also know you need variety and choice to keep your practice interesting and challenging and to suit your schedule. These are all important features to ensure you get the most from your regular Pilates practice.

We have different levels of classes to safely suit your level of experience and condition. We have variety of class types to give you choice and challenge. And we have lots of classes, so whatever your schedule and routine, there’s always classes you can get to.

Our online booking system and app allow you to pre-book and manage your class bookings – once you’ve booked and have it in your diary, you’re more likely to establish a routine and come to classes, which is how you’ll achieve your goals.

Member Community

At Pilates360, we have a wonderful community of staff and members – many great friendships have been made in our studios.  There’s usually plenty of chat and laughter before and after the classes, though it gets serious during the class. Of course you don’t have to join in but it’s a warm, friendly place.

As well as the classes we have regular member events, including workshops about interesting subjects, social events and retreats.  Membership of Pilates360 is much more than just a place to do classes.  We take Pilates seriously for your success, but we hope we can also show you our lighter side and bring a smile to your face every time we see you.

We want you to love being a part of our Pilates360 community.



Sharon Freedman

Studio Director/Pilates & Barre Teacher

Charlotte Twitchell

Pilates & Barre Teacher

Saniya Karimova

Pilates & Barre Teacher


Yui Goto

Pilates Teacher


Mel Allen

Pilates Teacher

new headshot

Monica Makmud

Studio Manager/Pilates & Barre Teacher


Ana Markovic

Pilates Teacher

Laura Lo Bianco

Member Advisor/ Pilates & Barre Teacher


AC Grist

Pilates & Yoga Teacher


Julie Flowers

Pilates Teacher

Mavis photo

Mavis Low

Pilates Teacher


Emily Reynolds

Pilates & Barre Teacher

new headshot

Vee Gintel

Pilates Teacher

headshot new

Barbara Bachelder

Pilates & Barre Teacher


Jamie Li

Pilates Teacher


Melissa Richards

Pilates Teacher


I had never even considered pilates before I took advantage of the trial pack and now I love it. The Pilates360 staff are all knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They manage to structure classes so that everyone from beginner to expert has a great workout


Just back from another fabulous class at Pilates360. The wonderful staff make this place really special.


Pilates360 has something for everyone.  The teachers inspire confidence and have diverse styles so each brings something different to their classes.  The reformer classes vary from beginner classes to more athletic workouts, and teachers tailor workouts to levels of experience and individual needs (including a chronic knee problem in my case).  And with the barre and stretch classes, the studio provides an effective all-round workout.  Importantly, all the classes are engaging and enjoyable; an hour goes by very quickly.  And all of this takes place in a warm and welcoming environment.  Everyone can benefit from Pilates, and Pilates360 is the ideal place for it.


I am enjoying my Pilates so much and have noticed a significant difference already in reduced aches and pains, flexibility and building strength. The teachers are so wonderful and helpful and I have also never been to a studio so clean!! I am so happy to have joined Pilates360!! You have such a fab team!! Thank you!


I began my trial at Pilates360 with the honest intention of just doing a few classes and nothing more. That was a month ago - Pilates360 is absolutely addictive. Sharon, Cindy, Phoebe - all the staff have been absolutely magnificent. I always feel so fresh and awake after a class and whilst there are plenty of times I've struggled (those damn circuit classes) I keep coming back for more. I am the perfect example of someone who will find every excuse in the book to not go to the gym or workout - until now. Pilates360 is a fabulous alternative for someone who wants to be pushed, find muscles they never knew existed, sit up straight at work and feel just that bit more energy in life.