Why Pilates is for Men too!

OK, men, this month’s blog is for you.

Maybe you’ve witnessed your partner or a mate reaping the benefits of Pilates but aren’t convinced that it can work for you too.

Perhaps you’ve even researched the method online and intended to give it a go, only to close the computer and have it slip your mind.

Perhaps you just think Pilates is for women and not something that real men do! Not so! In fact Pilates was originally developed by a man and primarily for men.

Here are 5 reasons that you should make 2020 the year that you step out of the Pilates shadows and into our studios:


Pilates requires a mind-body focus that forces you to forget the demands of the outside world and centre your thoughts on your movement. It is the ultimate exercise method for efficient management of time, as you reach a meditative sense of calm while working your entire body.


Yes, you read that last sentence correctly – Pilates will work your entire body, so you can say goodbye to leg day, back day, and chest day! It provides a full-body workout in every class.


Repairing your body after injury is a last-century notion. Pilates strengthens the smaller, often ignored stabilizer muscles, as well as the larger, frequently over-developed muscles. This muscle balance acts as armour, protecting your body from injury.


No matter your sport of choice, Pilates will enhance your performance. The increased core strength and greater efficiency and precision of movement resulting from a dedicated Pilates practice translates into performance gains in any sport.


No, Pilates is not just stretching. Yes, your body needs to maintain elasticity if you want it to function and you do need to incorporate exercises that maintain or increase flexibility into your fitness routine.

You also need to build and maintain your core muscles and the other small muscles that rule your everyday function, sports performance and injury prevention. Lifting weights at the gym doesn’t target those muscles, but Pilates will.

Whatever your reason for starting Pilates, you will not regret it. If it looks easy, it’s not Pilates!