Studio update and staying healthy in these uncertain times


You may have seen or read about the latest advice this morning from the Prime Minister and the Chief Medical Officer about coronavirus – non-essential gatherings of more than 100 people are now banned.

The CMO explained in detail why the team of medical experts believes this is an appropriate measure rather than a complete lockdown which some have been calling for. They believe reasonable social distancing and excellent personal hygiene, particularly regular and careful hand-washing, are sustainable and will be more effective than a lockdown.

This seems to us a sensible and measured approach to getting us all through this crisis. We have considered closing the studios for a period but have decided, at least for the time being, it is in everyone’s best interests to heed the expert advice and continue to run our classes with, of course, suitable precautions.

Now more than ever we need to look after each other. The teachers are being highly effective in ensuring everyone does the right thing and we are cleaning regularly and doing as much as possible to keep the studios clean, but of course we’re all responsible for our own hygiene.

You are all being very careful in washing hands before and after class, wiping down any props you use before and after and cleaning the equipment. If the teacher introduces props in your class, feel free to tell her you prefer not to, or to bring your own. If you do use them, wipe them down before and after.

Please do bring your own towel to lay on the refomer or the mat. We have removed the bolsters because they can’t be effectively cleaned often enough. We’ve also removed the towels from the bathrooms, please use paper towels to dry your hands.

During this time it’s even more important than normal to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Pilates is perfect for both the mind & the body. Here are a few tips:

• stay positive and optimistic, try to have a laugh every day and smile. This will pass eventually, we will get through it and we need to keep it all in perspective.

• get outside every day and enjoy some time in the sun and fresh air – a short walk, some squats & lunges or a few push ups. Take advantage of sunny & warm weather.

• eat well & eat healthy, home-cooked meals. Lots of people have stocked up on pasta and baked beans, but it’s clear the supply chains for fresh food are working fine even if they’re a little stretched. So keep buying fresh food, cook great meals and maintain good nutrition.

• boost your gut health (essential for immunity) – eat pre & pro-biotic rich foods (green leafy vegetables, legumes, grains, etc), eat plant based soups, avoid sugar, drink water before & after meals (not during), avoid chewing gum, manage stress, cut down on dairy & gluten.

• Pilates classes in the studios – our groups are small, it’s easy to maintain distance and we’re keeping the studios as clean as possible. Please cancel your class if you are unwell or have travelled overseas recently. The cancellation window has been reduced to 6 hours during this period.

• Pilates at home – if you can’t make it to the studios, we’re uploading short pilates sessions to do at home which you’ll find in our Members Facebook group. Request to join Pilates360 Members Group. Grab yourself a mat, a set of hand-weights and a towel & get ready to move.

The health, safety and wellbeing of all of us is our absolute priority. However, as you know Pilates360 is a small, owner-operated business and we are completely dependent on your ongoing membership. We’d like to thank you for your ongoing loyalty and support for our business – it is greatly appreciated.

Wishing you good health always.

Sharon, Iain & the Pilates360 Team xx