How to prepare for the September Wellness Challenge?

As the winter months are feeling like they are behind us, we start to think about the summer season with all the fun outdoor activities, sports, sunshine & the beach.

6 practical steps to prepare yourself for the weight loss challenge:

  1. Go through your wardrobe & drawers and pick out at least 3 items of clothing you loved to wear last summer, try them on & hang them in a place you can see them every time you open the wardrobe.
  2. Measure and weigh (it’s probably not as bad as you think!!).   Only measure & weigh at the beginning & end of the month, your weight will fluctuate & it is only a de-motivator when you don’t see big changes on the scale.  Better still let us do it & give you moral support at the same time.
  3. Meal plans- start to think about how you will organize your meals, snacks.    Simple ideas you can implement before you start the challenge are:   avoid eating on the run or in the car, sit at a table to eat your meal, eat proper meals (more on that later), don’t eat too late or too early, start to cut back on sugar before the challenge to give you a head start on removing sugar from your diet.  Cut down on coffee, alcohol & dairy!PS We have organized a 20% discount at Freshmeals2u.  They will deliver fresh & healthy meals to you for the month of September so you don’t have to get caught up in the preparation & shopping.  Check out their website and ask us for the Promo code.
  4. Plan your exercise like an appointment – schedule at least 3 pilates/gym/yoga sessions per weeks & at least 30 mins of brisk walking every day.
  5. Tell your partner/friends/family that you are on the challenge & that you require support throughout the month.  Maybe they might like to join you?
  6. Buy a notebook to use as a journal whilst you are on the challenge, you can write your food diary, cravings, exercise, feelings, moods, small wins, etc etc.