Why is Pilates so Important when I am Pregnant!

Many women ask us about the benefits of Pilates during their pregnancy.   Pilates is the natural choice of exercise during this time to because of its ability to target the deeper core muscles which support the pelvis and keep it stable.

Pilates exercises can be performed gently and only progressed if the client is ready for it.   They are low impact with the emphasis on posture & form rather than pushing the limits of strength.  It is particularly critical in pregnancy that the woman does not overstretch.

The muscles of the core such as the transverses abdominis, obliques, multifidus & rectus abdominis are strengthened with pilates and are sure to help maintain pelvic floor strength, reduce the risk of diastasis recti and to prevent lower back pain.

The exercises are also very effective to create better body awareness, strengthen the muscles of the upper back, strong legs and glutes.  A good pilates class will energise rather than deplete the client and will create a sense of wellbeing.

Pilates exercises are performed with the following 5 basic principles in mind to ensure that every movement is performed correctly: they are concentration, control, precision, fluidity and centering.

At Pilates360 our teachers have undergone many hours of training, practice and development to ensure you are guided though the exercises safely and effectively.  She will program the class so that the exercises are done in supportive positions. She will offer progressions for those who want extra challenge and regressions for those new to Pilates or who have an injury or pain.

At Pilates360 we offer small group classes which allow our clients to receive individual attention in a friendly and non-judgmental way.  Our studios are clean and airy and our equipment is new and of the highest quality.   We pride ourselves on our skillful teaching, attention to detail and getting results for our clients.

We recommend at least two Pilates/Yoga group classes per week for effective results.  At our two studios we are currently offering pre & post-natal Pilates and pregnancy Yoga.

Pre and post-natal clients are also welcome to join our Pilates Basics and Yoga classes (see schedule for descriptions and times). Most of our other classes are also suitable for pregnant ladies in their 1st trimester.