Our response to helping keep healthy during the Coronavirus/COVID19 outbreak


You’re doubtless well aware, and possibly slightly fearful, of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 virus that is wreaking havoc around the world currently.

It’s so important for you to keep up your regular classes during this difficult time – good health and regular exercise are absolutely vital to protecting yourself. Managing your stress with mindful exercise is also highly beneficial.

Of course we want you all to feel comfortable in the classes, so here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe in the studios during this time:

• We’ve temporarily reduced the cancellation window for group classes to 6 hours so it’s easier for you to cancel booked classes without penalty if you’re not feeling well. Please do not come to class if you’re sick – it’s your responsibility to cancel yourself in time, if the teacher thinks you are sick and shouldn’t be in the class she will send you home.

• We’ve increased the tea tree oil antiseptic in the water bottles you use to clean the equipment after class. Please do make sure you clean your machine and other equipment carefully at the end of each class. Feel free to bring your own props/mats/bolsters if you prefer. Please also wipe straps on the reformers.

• Please wash or sanitise your hands carefully before and after class. There is hand sanitiser in both studios. The towels are changed regularly but you can also dry your hands with paper towel.

• Our teachers will not do any hands-on adjustments for the time being (i.e. they won’t touch you). If someone forgets and does touch you, please be patient and understanding – we are so used to helping.

• Our teachers will endeavour in each class to encourage everyone to do these things – wash hands, clean equipment carefully, etc. But if we all do our bit it will be better for everyone.

• Our studios are both professionally cleaned every week, we think this is sufficient for now.

We think these measures are appropriate for the time being. Of course we’ll keep up to date with developments and the expert advice. If you have any thoughts or suggestions please do feel free to get in touch and let us know. Wishing everyone good health.

From your Pilates360 Team xx