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It's here, the November Lifeboat Challenge - get strong, fit, confident and calm your mind.
The Lifeboat Challenge
20 classes, nutrition program, mindfulness
Has lock down created anxiety for you around your health? Have you gained weight, created some poor eating & drinking habits, become less active and feel your mind is overly busy. Would you like to feel fabulous upon returning to the new normal with Christmas around the corner and summer at our doorstep?
The Lifeboat Challenge is a helping hand for you to feel much better in 30 days and get back to feeling your best!
Eat healthier, lose weight, workout and swap bad habits for terrific ones.
In 30 Days you will feel & look better!
Research shows that better thoughts & a positive mindset will lead to better food choices, deeper & more restful sleep, better juggling, better coping skills and MOST IMPORTANTLY you will feel more like showing up for yourself. 
We are also very proud to partner with a wonderful health professional who specialises in health and wellness - Phoebe Jobson from Nutmeg Naturopathy. Phoebe is on our team for the Challenge and she will be on this journey with us. She will offer her support, knowledge and expertise along the way. 
What's included:
  • Challenge launch - Healthier eating, mindfulness, Setting goals
  • 20 In studio classes over November
  • Challengers only virtual workshops - Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Tote Bag & Journal
  • Nutrition tips & recipes
  • Private Facebook group
  • Private virtual Naturopathic consultation with Phoebe (15 mins)
  • Private coaching "What do you need right now" session with Sharon (30 mins)
  • Weekly prizes for effort & attendance
  • Grand prize
You will be with like-minded people who will support you all the way. At the end of this Challenge you will feel more connected to yourself and others, fitter, stronger and more confident.
Let's have some fun, and get healthier together.
Virtual opening workshop is on Sunday 31st October 5pm with the Team, including Nutrition talk by Phoebe.
We are also making this activity a fundraiser for Sane Australia.  A portion of the proceeds from this challenge will go to Sane Australia.   Every dollar raised helps support four million Australians affected by mental health issues. So get on board.
Buy the Full Challenge $375
Upgrade from your current membership:
Thrive $150
Flourish $100
Transform $0
Sharon Freedman - Pilates teacher & Co-active Coach, Phoebe Jobson - Adv. Dip(Nat), BA.Psych, Monica Makmud - Pilates & Barre teacher, Laura Lo Bianco - Pilates & Barre teacher, AC Grist - Meditation, Yoga & Pilates teacher