In this informative & hands on workshop led by Melanie Allen, Pilates teacher and Myotherapist (assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal function and disorder) we will dive right into the  pain associated with the neck and shoulders. 
Mel will explain the importance of understanding the role of fascia & why it is so important to keep the fascia healthy. There will be practise to release tighter areas in the neck and shoulders using a trigger ball. 
This workshop is particularly suitable for anyone with neck pain or injury, frozen or injured shoulders.  Neck issues, whip lash, lack of mobility and postural issues. 
Come along and sort out your neck and shoulders!!
Saturday March 27th, 1.00pm to 2.30pm, Neutral Bay studio.
$35 for members, $50 for non-members


Let's learn more about your feet & HOW TO FREE THEM FROM PAIN!
Healthy feet are your base of support. Your feet contain your sole, move you forward and are essential for all over body health.  Foot pain may be associated with wearing tight shoes, high heels, running, weak foot musculature, loss of arches, hammer toes, bunions, plantar fasciitis and the list goes on.
Weak feet could also lead to knee pain, hip pain & back pain. Healthy strong feet also help you have a pain free back, strong core and strong abdominals, so it is essential to take care of your feet. Learn about foot conditions, why you get them & how to reduce the pain. 
Julie has spent years understanding feet and what needs to be done to gain healthy feet that will support you for years to come.  She will get you rolling your feet, massaging them & using your feet like you have never before.
If you are at home you will need a small ball (e.g. a golf or tennis ball or a spikey physio ball) and a resistance band.
Tuesday April 20th, 6.30pm to 8.30pm, St Leonards studio or @Home (via Zoom).
2 hours - $75 for non-members, $52.50 for active members


RESET YOUR HEALTH February Challenge

Reset Your Health & Be Fit & Fabulous in 2021!!
We are excited to get started with our February health and wellness challenge. Let's kick start 2021 with healthy eating habits, deep dive into pilates, getting fitter & stronger while having fun.
Our challenges are a great way to benefit in a short time. You will improve your overall health, develop new & good habits and feel fabulous for a long time to come.
  • 16 small group classes (reformer, mat, barre, stretch)
  • Pilates360 Athletic T -ShirtReset workshop – measure, weigh in, set goals (Sunday February 7th, 5pm - St Leonards studio or Zoom)
  • Private WhatsApp group
  • Step & movement challenge
  • Two group outdoor walks February 12th and February 19th
  • Weekly Prizes & Grand Prize
  • Recipes, Tips & Suggestions
  • Accountability, Motivation, Support
  • Review workshop - Re-measure & weigh. Wrap up challenge, announce Grand Prize Winner (Sunday March 7th, 5pm - St Leonards studio or Zoom)
Transform/Transform Me/Transformation members - FREE
Transform Me 2020 - 12 classes pm members (4 extra classes + the Challenge) - $50
Thrive/Inspire Me members (8 extra classes + the Challenge) - $175
Challenge Package (16 classes + the Challenge) - $375
 If you're unsure of your membership, please give us a call.
Reset Workshop: Sunday February 7th, 5pm
Challenge classes start on February 8th
Outdoor Walk (meet at St Leonards Studio): Friday, February 12th, at 7am
Outdoor Walk (meet at Neutral Bay Studio): Friday, February 19th, at 6.30am
Final Meeting: Sunday March 7th, 5pm
Spaces are Limited!  Book NOW

Joseph Pilates said "Not only is health a normal condition, but it is our duty to not just attain it but to maintain it"