Free your feet

FREE YOUR FEET Workshop with Julie Flowers (In-studio & online)

This workshop will be held at St Leonards Studio and via zoom. 
Let's learn more about your feet & HOW TO FREE THEM FROM PAIN!
Healthy feet are your base of support. Your feet contain your sole, move you forward and are essential for all over body health.
Foot pain may be associated with wearing tight shoes, high heels, running, weak foot musculature, loss of arches, hammer toes, bunions, plantar faciitias and the list goes on.
Weak feet could also lead to knee pain, hip pain & back pain.
Healthy strong feet also help you have a pain free back, strong core and strong abdominals, so it is essential to take care of your feet. Learn about plantar fasciitis, how you get it and how you can get rid of it for life.
Julie Flowers has spent years understanding feet and what needs to be done to gain healthy feet that will support you for years to come.  She will get you rolling your feet, massaging them & using your feet like you have never before.
This is a 2 hour workshop - $70 for members plus $25 for the franklin balls (on the day) $90 for non-members.
You will need a small ball (e.g. a golf or tennis ball or a spikey physio ball) and a resistance band.
We have spikey balls for sale - $15 each. 
Once you book please email & let us know if you are coming in or prefer to do it via zoom.

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