Are You Challenging Yourself Enough?

We love welcoming you into our studios two or more times a week, we love our chat before, after and sometimes during class. We love seeing your progress from nervy on the reformers to moving around it like it’s your home.

We love your smile when you arrive and not just when you leave, we love your stronger, toned body with your improved posture. We love that you tell us that your back is better, you play your sport better, you sit in your chair straighter and most of all you have improved energy & vitality.

We offer various levels of classes that will challenge you in lots of different ways, strength, stability, flexibility, stamina and agility.  We’re also adding other types of classes in addition to reformer – more barre, wunda-chair, yoga and mat pilates to give you variety.

All these modalities offer a 360 approach to keeping your body healthy and pain free for a long time.

Next time you sit down to book into classes think about trying something different. One that is not in your comfort zone and you feel that little bit nervy again. You will get a great sense of achievement and possibly that sweet soreness that you love and your body needs.

We have your back literally. Our classes are small which allows us to give everyone attention, personal instruction and feedback. That is what we love about teaching at Pilates360 & Joseph Pilates’ wonderful method.